Hi! I am Kayla Laughray. I am fully dedicated to bringing an extraordinary passion and purpose to Pawsitive Love. For me, it is personal, not business.

Passion that began as a very young child when I realized my love for animals

Passion that caused me to become a vegan and fight for animal rights and respect

Passion to become any animals best friend and service to their individual needs

Purpose to treat your pets as if they were my own

Purpose to serve every pet owner with integrity and trustworthiness

Purpose to provide services beyond expectation, for the well-being of the animals


“Fletcher is often shy with new visitors. Kayla's calm & friendly manner overcame his shyness quickly. He was happy when I returned home & the house was neat as a pin. Will definitely use Kayla again.” -Nancy L.

“Kayla has taken care of our elderly, paraplegic dog since fall of 2016.  She is reliable and flexible in scheduling.  Kayla follows our written directions for care of our dog to the letter.  She is kind and very caring.  She is lets us know of any “events” of the day, pooh surprises included.  Kayla is willing to take on our very “high maintenance” dog with a smile and we are very grateful.” -Jane S.

“Kayla has watched my dogs and walked them for several months.  She is very dependable and has never missed a day.  Her sweet nature has the dogs excited to see her every time she visits.  When she stays at our house she follows instructions and keeps the place tidy.  Mostly, she cares and loves animals.  I highly recommend her to watch, play, taxi or just visit your pets!” - Tallia Hart

“Kayla is amazing!  I have been using her for over a year now and I am so happy I found her.  I know that she loves animals very much and it shows in her work.  I have 2 mini Australian shepherds and they are very high strung dogs, but Kayla has the energy to wear them out.  I love that my dogs can stay at home and not go to a kennel where they get very little exercise.  I know that when I am gone the boys are well taken care of. I can trust Kayla completely and am very comfortable that my house and my dogs are taken care of while I am away.  When I ask her to send a pic to see how they are doing, she always responds quickly with an adorable one and it warms my heart. Thank you Kayla!  Beau and Blue love you very much.” -Carole G

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